Capital to Coast Charity Cycle (C2C)

Capital to Coast Charity Cycle (C2C) is an annual Charity Bicycle Ride from Nairobi to Mombasa that takes enthusiastic riders on approximately 600 km trip from the Capital of Kenya, Nairobi, to the East Coast of Kenya, Mombasa, in only 6 days. Through the C2C Charity Cycle, we intend to help
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Half Day Karura Forest Trail Cycling

Located north of central Nairobi, Karura Forest (the biggest urban forest in Kenya) boasts of diverse tree and plant species, some indigenous, as well as variant wild animals. Dik diks dart across your path as the monkeys rattle the trees above. Colorful butterflies brighten the Karura Forest ecosystem at the butterfly lake

Hell’s Gate Full Day Adventure

Named for the intense geothermal activity within its boundaries, the Hell's Gate National Park is a remarkable quarter of the Great Rift Valley. Spectacular scenery including the towering cliffs, water-gouged gorges, stark rock towers, scrub clad volcanoes and belching plumes of geothermal steam make it one of the most atmospheric
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Kereita Forest Trails

The Kereita Forest at the southern-most end of the Aberdare Range has many interesting cycling trails and features like the Kereita Cave and Waterfall. The forest is also the site of the Lari Massacre (1953) unmarked mass graves where over 5,000 victims of revenge attacks on the local population by

Ngong Hills Bike Tour

The Ngong Hills lie along the Great Rift Valley, located in the southwest of Nairobi, in southern Kenya. The word "Ngong" is a Maasai word meaning "knuckles", referring to the 4 hill peaks of the ridge, which stand alone rising from the plain around Nairobi. The Ngong Hills, from the

Tea and Cheese Farm Cycle Tour

In the lush green, well manicured tea farms of Tigoni, a highland town north of Nairobi, there is a myriad of cycling trails zigzagging through the former White Highlands (British settlement). Tea factories, holiday homes, exclusive vistas of Nairobi and the Great Rift Valley from a 7000ft vintage, and a

Bike in The Wild

Bike in the wild Swara Plains Wildlife Sanctuary which lies on a 20,000 acre fenced land opposite the rugged Lukenya Hill. Amongst the glade of shady Yellow Fever Trees and vast grassland, the sanctuary hosts a resident population of over 3,000 game animals and over 280 identified bird species. Cycling in
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